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Tymas has produced yet another very appealing album in the wake of its predecessors Insight At Midnight and Blues For The Tribe."


One of those records where everything comes together so righteously that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it, this is a solid mainstream date that does nothing but hit all the right notes and hit them so well. Well done."

-Midwest Record


"Tymas is a fine composer and a seasoned guitarist with strong improvisational skills. The music here is based on the sights, sounds and people of this amazing Canadian city and performed by some of Canada’s premiere jazz musicians."

-Musical Memoirs

Montreal is a contemporary jazz album from a small label and it sounds absolutely fantastic, as realistic as any hi-rez audiophile standard.

-Jazz Weekly

“A sterling set of straightahead jazz.” 



“Insight at Midnight is a powerful release.”

-All About Jazz LA


“A skilled and very thoughtful guitar player who selects and places his notes with great timing.”

-Snapshot Jazz Recording Reviews


“Tymas's music reflects his insight into many genres and moods as it moves from Brazil to bop, from solo guitar to octet, from calm to storm.”


“Tymas' beautiful blend of jazz demonstrates his mastery in a way that begs notice.”

-WSHA FM, Raleigh, NC


“Tymas' compositions exhibit a wide range of moods, and always with well-crafted ensemble playing.”

-The Herald-Sun, Durham, NC


“Great songs, fabulous musicians and tight and enhancing mixing and mastering.” 

-WCOM FM, Carrboro, NC

 Blues for the Tribe is not only excellent music but a whole lot of fun to listen to.", 2007

"This CD has some excellent small ensemble work and is well worth checking out….  While there are some good interpretations of standards here—particularly the arrangement of “Afro Blue”—Tymas’ originals are what show off his talent."

-Durham Herald-Sun, October 20, 2006.

rhythmic roots and extensions and impressive technique…. The funky quartet cuts include alto saxophonist James B. "Saxsmo" Gates Jr., bass guitarist Carl Lester El and drummer Ira "Nate" Smith…. Tymas is both mellow and animated on this group's three tracks…. The second quartet, with electric pianist Ed Paolantonio, bass guitarist Damon Brown and drummer Thomas Taylor III, plays two tunes….  The effect of these is to recall the late '60s, when the electric piano was a new sound in jazz."

-Raleigh News & Observer, October 22, 2006


"The first song fools you!  I was all prepared for a CD of blues, but cut number one takes you on a straight ahead path....  Perhaps nebulous wasn’t the right title for these musicians.  They articulate excellence on their instruments….  As [Tymas] strums away, he communicates joy and happiness…. It’s bound to make you grin and expose your own dimples; that is, if you happen to have any….  Blues for the Tribe is a solid musical effort…."

-Cadence, January 2007

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